Thursday, 23 April 2015


Milk                              -                              1 ltr
Sugar                             -                             4 tbsp
Bread                             -                             8 slices
Cardamom powder          -                             a pinch
Custard powder              -                             1/2 tsp
Grated almonds              -                              1 tsp
Crushed cashew nuts      -                              1 tsp

Boil milk in a heavy bottom vessel.
Once boiled,keep in a low flame.
Stir in between thickening the milk.
Mix 1/2 tsp custard powder and sugar in half cup of cold milk.
Add this milk in the thick milk and mix well.
Cut the edges of the bread.
Crush the fresh bread.
Add 2 tbsp milk ,almonds and cashew nuts to make a dough.
Divide the dough in 10 equal size balls.
Shape each ball to flat patties of medium thickness.
All the balls are made in the same way.
Place the bread patties on a serving dish and pour the thick milk over it.
Keep in the freeze for half an hour.
Serve it.