Wednesday, 8 April 2015


Britannia biscuits                   -                   6
Sugar                                    -                    3 tbsp
Cocoa powder                       -                    1 tbsp
Milk                                     -                    2 and half cup
Cream                                   -                    2 tbsp
Vanilla essence                      -                     3 - 4 drops
Chopped fruits
(apple,banana,grapes)              -                    2 cup

Take britannia biscuits,cocoa powder,sugar and half cup of milk in a blender and run it.
Take 2 cup of milk and again grind it.

Heat  the pan and add this biscuits mixture in it
Keep it in a low flame.
Stir in between thickening the milk.

Cook well till it gets thick.
Once cooled,add cream and mix well.
Add fruits(apple,banana,grapes) and mix well.
Garnish with grapes.
Chill until serving.