Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Prep Time  : 15 mins
Cooking Time : 20 mins
Serve : 2

Maize flour / makka ka atta                     -                                1 bowl
Finely chopped onion                              -                                1 tbsp
Finely chopped green chilly                     -                                1/4 tsp
Finely chopped coriander leaves               -                                1 tsp
Boiled and mashed potato                        -                                1 bowl
Curd                                                      -                                2 tbsp
Clarified butter / ghee                              -                                2 tbsp
Butter                                                     -                                1 cube

In a kneading bowl mix maize flour / makka ka atta,boiled and mashed potatoe,onion,green chilly,coriander leaves and salt.
Make a soft dough.
Dont use water if nesseray you can use curd.
Divide the dough into balls.
Place a plastic over that place a ball of dough is cover with other plastic sheet and then roll tightly this will ensure that that it does not break and stick.
Grease a pan with little clarified butter / ghee and heat on a medium flame.
Makka ka paratha is ready to eat.
Serve with butter.