Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Prep Time  20 mins
Cooking Time  : 20 mins
Serves  : 4

All purpose flour /maida                          -                               2 cup
Sooji                                                         -                               1 cup
Powdered sugar                                        -                               one and half cup
Hot water                                                  -                               1/2 cup
Clarified butter / ghee                               -                               1/4 cup
Green cardamom                                       -                               1/4 cup
Oil                                                              -                              for frying

Take a bowl add warm water in sugar powder n let it put for sometime.
Sugar will disolve in water.
When sugar disolved add sooji and all purpose flour in a bowl.
Now add melted clarified butter in it.
With the help of sugar water we will make a dough.
Dough should be hard.
Keep aside for 30 mins.
Make a thisk round chapati from dough and cut in desired shape.
Make all para n put them in room temperature for 30 mins.
Now heat oil in a pan.
Oil should not be too hot.
Fry all para in small batches on medium flame.