Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Prep Time :  20 mins
Cooking Time : 30 mins
Serves  :   4

All purpose flour / maida                             -                                2 cup
Baking powder                                             -                               1/4 tsp
Salt                                                               -                                to taste
Clarified butter                                             -                               2 tbsp
Oil                                                                -                                for frying

In a mixing bowl add all purpose flour .baking powder,salt and clarified butter / ghee.
Make a stiff dough with the help of water.
Keep aside for fifteen mins.
Roll out the dough.
Spread the clarified butter and fold it from one side.
Again fold it from another side.
Again spread the butter and fold it from both the side.
Make a square shape and roll out.
With the help of bottle cap cut the roll out dough in a kaju shape.
Heat the oil in a pan and deep fry the namkin kaju on a low flame till golden brown.
Drain in paper napkin.
Serve hot.