Thursday, 13 November 2014


     In India , it is known as lauki,kaddu ,dudhi in hindi, urdu, Bengali and Gujarati. A popular north indian dish is jeera lauki. However the skin is removed prior to making the dish.The skin can be used in making a chutney preparation.

Prep Time      : 15 mins
Cooking Time : 15 mins

Lauki or bottle gourd                      -                       500 gms
Turmeric powder                            -                         1 tsp
A whole dry red chilli                     -                          1
Cumin seeds                                  -                          a pinch
Methi seeds                                   -                          a pinch
Oil                                                 -                         2 tbsp
Salt                                                -                         to taste

   Peel and chop lauki in diced. Heat the oil. Now add cumin seeds, methi seeds and red chilli to crackle. Add lauki and turmeric powder and mix  it well.
   Then cover with a lid and simmer the gas till the veggies are cooked. Add salt and saute for 7-8 mins, when water get absorb in the lauki.
       Serve with chapaties