Saturday, 18 June 2016


Prep Time : 30 mins
Total Time : 40 mins
Serve :2


Milk                                       -                             1 ltr
Sugar                                      -                          2 tbsp
Ripe mango                            -                                1
Saffron                                    -                          few strands
Lemon juice                            -                               2 tbsp

Boil the milk and curdle it using lemon juice.
Drain and wash in a fresh water and hang for about one hour.
Now we get soft paneer.
We mashed the paneer very well and make a soft and smooth dough.
In a non stick pan add the paneer / cottage cheese and cook it in a low flame for 2 - 3 mins.
Once cooled add sugar and saffron and and mix well.
Now we take a big slice of a peeled mango then take cottage cheese / paneer in ur hand and wrap the mango slice with cottage cheese / paneer.
Keep it in the refrigerator for half an hour cut thin slices.