Sunday, 22 March 2015


Sago / sabudana                          -                         100 gms
Water                                        -                          4 cup
Salt                                           -                          to taste
Cumin seeds                              -                          1 tbsp

Soak sago / sabudana for atleast four hours.
Boil in a heavy bottom vessel.

When it boiled keep in a low flame.
Stir in between thickening the sago / sabudana.

Cook well till it gets thick and sago mix well in the water.
Add salt and cumin seeds / jeera seeds and mix well.
Spread a clean plastic table cloth.
Take one spoon of sabudana / sago and pour in the clean plastic table cloth,to make small circles.

Repeat the process to finish the sabudana / sago.
Dry in the sunlight or in the fan of wind.
The next day it will be fully dried,but dry for 2 days for safer side.
Store in container after drying.

Fry in enough oil and drain in paper napkin.
Served with tea.