Sunday, 3 April 2016


Prep Time  : 20 mins
Cooking Time : 45 mins
Serve : 4

Milk                                                      -                               5 cup full cream
Whole dried milk / mawa                     -                                             50 gms
Kesar / saffron                                      -                                        few strands
Sugar                                                    -                                                 2 tbsp
Roughly chopped pistachio                  -                                                 2 tbsp
Milk powder                                         -                                              100 gms

Soak kesar / saffron in one tbsp of cold milk.
Boil milk in heavy bottom vessel.
Once boiled,keep it in a low flame.
Once the milk reduced to 1/4 add mawa / whole dried milk.
Add milk powder and sugar and mix well.
Add saffron / kesar and roughly chopped pistachio and mix well.
Now we get yellow color.
Let the milk cool down,pour it into air tight container or kulfi mold.
Keep it 4 - 5 hours in freezer.
Enjoy this kulfi with family.