Monday, 2 November 2015


Prep Time   :  15 mins
Cooking Time  : 20 mins
Serves      : 2
Fresh bread                                      -                              4 slices
Grated cottage cheese / paneer        -                              100 gms
Sugar powder                                   -                              4 tbsp
Hang curd                                         -                              1 bowl
Cardamom powder                           -                              1/4 tsp
Raisins                                              -                              1 tsp
Crushed kaju                                     -                              1 tsp
Milk                                                  -                               1/2 cup

In a bowl take grated cottage cheese / paneer,2 tbsp sugar powder,cardamom powder and mix well.
Cut the edges of the bread.
Dip the bread in a milk and squeeze the excess milk from the bread.
Stuff the cottage cheese/ paneer  filling in the bread and roll into balls.
Shape each ball to flat patties of medium thickness.
Beat the hang curd.
Add 2 tbsp sugar powder and mix well.
Coat the bread balls with hang curd.
Now instant chumchum is ready.
Serve chilled.