Friday, 17 July 2015


Fresh bread                           -                                     4 slices
Boiled n mashed potato        -                                      1
Chopped onion                     -                                       1
Chopped green chilly           -                                       1
Chopped coriander leaves    -                                        1 tsp
Hot n sweet chilli sauce       -                                        1 tbsp
Green chutney                      -                                        1 tbsp
Grated cheese                       -                                        1 cube
Butter                                    -                                        1 cube

All the ingredients mix in the mashed potato except chutney,sauce and cheese.
Cut the edges of the bread.
Spread the butter on the slices of the bread.
Add potato stuffing on the bread.
Another layer of the bread spread green chutney.
Third layer of the bread spread hot n sweet chilly sauce.
And fourth layer of the bread spread grated cheese.
Take cling paper and roll it all bread slices.
Keep in the fridge for half an hour.
Remove the cling paper.
Cut the bread into two pieces with the help of knife.
Serve it.