Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Milk                                      -                                          2 cup
Custard powder                    -                                           2 tbsp
Sugar                                    -                                           2 tbsp
Marie biscuits                       -                                           2
Crushed almonds                  -                                           1 tbsp
Raisins                                  -                                           1 tbsp

Boil milk in a thick bottom vessel.
Once boiled keep it in a low flame.
Add custard powder  and sugar to 2 tbsp cold milk and mix well.
Pour the boiled milk into two bowls.
Add custard mixture prepared before to one of the bowl,and to other bowl add mixture of cocoa powder and custard powder.
Now pour the custard milk to a glass and put a marie biscuit dip in milk over it.
Add almonds and raisins over it.
Then pour the cocoa and custard mixture over the biscuits and put one more biscuit dipped in milk over it.
Add raisins and almonds to the glass.
Add custard mixture over it.
Now pour the cocoa mixture over it.
Serve chilled.